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20th March 2019
Chalke Talk 64: Is hope a mood or belief?

This week Steve reflects on his experience working with vulnerable people with Oasis and how important hope, the truth we believe about our selves, is to bright future.

Steve goes on to argue that, “Life’s tragedy is that some of us allow ourselves to become dominated by a story that crushes us rather than liberating us. We find ourselves controlled by its expectations of us, or sometimes by the lack of them.

We are held captive, rather than set free by what have become our overarching thoughts and beliefs.”

Pointing to the saying in Proverbs, “where there is no vision, the people perish,” Steve concludes that hope is far more about our story—what we believe about ourselves—rather than our moods.

And so, a question to finish with. What do YOU think? Is Steve right, or do you think that he's missed the point?



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