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3rd July 2019
Chalke Talk 79: Was Luther's mistake the biggest misreading of the Bible ever?

In previous episodes of Chalke Talk, in line with the release of his latest book, the Lost Message of Paul, Steve has argued the greek word ‘pistes’ means faithfulness, which is not necessarily the same as faith in an immovable doctrinal position.

This week Steve look at “Pistis Christou” which has often been translated to “faith in Christ” whereas Steve argues “faith of Christ” is a more genuine understanding of the term. Again that changes the way we think about faith. Faith begins with what Christ has done for us, instead of being conditional on us. 

As Steve puts it, “but to speak as though the ‘work’ called faith is the thing that we really have to do to please God, is to betray a fundamental misconception. Paul’s primary emphasis is on Christ’s faithfulness rather than our struggling human faith.”

So what do you think?

If the idea that it is the ‘faithfulness of Christ’, as opposed to the old concept of ‘faith in Christ’, is the basis of human salvation, do you agree with me that that would be nothing short of a revolution?

Matthew Wigmore


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