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26th March 2018
Gender Conversation

So it is that the first fully Gentile convert to Christianity is not only a dark-skinned African but also from a sexual/gender minority.  The call to 21st century Christians could not be clearer; it is a call to be radically inclusive and welcoming.

 – Steve Chalke, The Gender Agenda

On 28th March 2018, Rev Canon Steve Chalke – founder and Global Leader of Oasis – publicly called on the churches around the world to offer radical and Christ-like support, acceptance and inclusion to transgender people.

In a new eBook – The Gender Agenda: Towards a Biblical Theology on Gender Identity, Reassignment and Confirmation – Steve sets the theology of inclusion based on the ministry of Jesus and the overriding message of Scripture.

In this section of the site you can download the eBook and our free resource entitled TRANSforming churches which provides practical steps to help make your church more inclusive of people who do not feel their gender identity matches the traditional paradigms.  You can also learn more about our training course on working with transgender young people.

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